Mobile County Public
School System
K4 Fine Arts Standards

K4 Creative Arts Standards

1         Develop confidence and a positive self-concept as she engages in creative processes (i.e. music, art, movement, drama)
2         Show increased interest and enjoyment in creative development activities
3         Contribute original ideas and exhibit flexibility in creative development activities
4         Participate with increasing interest and enjoyment in a variety of musical activities (i.e. listening, singing, using musical instruments, recordings, chants, finger plays, games, performances, moving to music, creating original music)
5         Demonstrate abilities to use different art media and materials in a variety of ways for creative expression and representation
6         Show progress in abilities to create drawings, paintings, models, and other art creations that are more detailed, creative, or realistic
7         Plan, work independently, and demonstrate care and persistence in a variety of creative development activities
8         Understand and share opinions about artistic endeavors and experiences
9         Express their individuality through many types of free-form and representative movement (i.e. dance, moving freely to music, moving to instructions, moving to patterns of beat and rhythm, pantomime)
10         Actively explore a variety of creative development activities through drama (i.e. spontaneous imaginative play, dramatic play, pretending, role-playing, performances, imitations, showing moods and attitudes)