Mobile County Public
School System
Seventh Grade Geography

Students in the seventh grade can be characterized as inquisitive, enthusiastic, and impressionable learners who have a growing curiosity about the world beyond the city and state in which they live.  In this one-semester geography course, students increase their knowledge about the physical nature of the world and about the relationships between people and their environments.  They also study geography in the context of economics, politics, and culture.  In this world geography course, content standards focus on the cultural geography of the Eastern Hemisphere.

The classroom environment provides students with numerous opportunities to participate in instruction that incorporates a variety of formats and learning tools, including role-playing, debate, and hands-on activities such as the use of maps, globes, and graphic organizers to interpret text, charts, and graphs.  Students are presented with multiple opportunities for listening, reading, and writing activities as well as group and individual projects.  Culminating projects ensure that students apply their knowledge of the mutual effects of people and places to a geographic issue.