Mobile County Public
School System
Seventh Grade Civics
Students in the seventh grade can be characterized as inquisitive, enthusiastic, and impressionable learners.  They are beginning to ask questions about society and the world around them as they expand their ability to analyze and evaluate relationships between ideals and practices.  Students confront such questions as:  What is civic participation and how can I be involved?  What are my rights and responsibilities?  How do I become a responsible citizen?  What is my role as a citizen in the community and nation and as a member of the world community?  How can I make a positive difference?

The goal of education in civics and government is informed, responsible participation in political life by competent citizens committed to the fundamental values and principles of the constitutional democracy which established the republic of the United States of America.  These standards incorporate the strands of economics, geography, history, and political science with an obvious emphasis on political science.  They address representative democracy, law, personal economics, and civic responsibility.  Unique to this course is the opportunity for students to actively participate in a community-based, civic-education project.

Incorporating numerous instructional classroom techniques provides students with an important variety of formats and strategies, including role-playing, debates, and hands-on situational activities.  Students at this age are able to assume more responsibilities in their family, school, and community roles.  To address this, students are given opportunities to apply civic knowledge to problem-based learning situations in the community and to other activities that foster increased personal responsibility.