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Fifth Grade Social Studies
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Fifth-grade content standards focus on the United States from the prehistoric period to 1877.  The emphasis is on the geography and history of the United States from the earliest times through the formation and growth of a nation to the latter part of the nineteenth century.  Special emphasis is placed on the study of the founding documents and the development of the American republic.  Students also become familiar with major events in the periods of the American Revolution, the Westward Expansion, and the Civil War.

The emotional and social development of students increases in Grade 5.  They become more aware of their immediate surroundings as well as their expanded environment.  They benefit from and enjoy discussions involving the thoughts, viewpoints, and opinions of others.  As students begin to explore multiple ideas and thoughts, they also become more respectful of other viewpoints and opinions.

Fifth-grade students benefit from a positive learning environment that challenges and encourages their efforts and progress.  This includes hands-on activities, projects, and cooperative group assignments.  They learn from map and globe activities, brainstorming sessions, inquiry-based instruction, student-generated questions followed by research, cooperative learning groups, and art projects as well as the more traditional teaching methods.