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First Grade Reading
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The focus in first grade is to provide a foundation that fosters independence in reading, writing, listening, speaking, researching, and presenting skills. Students learn to recognize and use a variety of forms of texts and exhibit proper grammar usage in writing and speaking. A balance is important in maintaining the components of the writing process while encouraging the creative-thinking process for each student. Teacher-directed instruction and collaborative learning increase a first-grader’s ability to collect information and gain meaning through reading and simple research.

Oral and visual communication skills serve as building blocks for the development of reading and writing as students recite poems, demonstrate the ability to take turns in a conversation, and listen to two- and three-part oral directions.  Students develop an awareness of language as they practice these skills in a meaningful context.

Students’ active involvement in their environment allows them to construct and understand the relationships among reading, writing, and speaking.  Purposeful language experience provides daily opportunities for students to develop and gain insight into the use of the English language.


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