Mobile County Public
School System
"He that gives a portion of his time and talent to the investigation of mathematical truth will come to all other questions with a decided advantage." -- Colton

Course description from the Alabama Course of Study for Mathematics
Precalculus is designed for students who have successfully completed the Algebra II with Trigonometry course.  This course is considered to be a prerequisite for success in calculus and college mathematics.  Algebraic, graphical, numerical, and verbal analyses are incorporated during investigations of the Precalculus content standards.  Parametric equations, polar relations, vector operations, conic sections, and limits are introduced.  Content for this course also includes an expanded study of polynomial and rational functions, trigonometric functions, and logarithmic and exponential functions.

Application-based problem solving is an integral part of the course.  Instruction should include appropriate use of technology to facilitate continued development of students' higher-order thinking skills.