Mobile County Public
School System
Kindergarten Science

Mobile County Public School System Science Program is designed to develop scientifically literate students who exhibit an understanding of basic science concepts and skills, which they will be able to use in meeting the daily challenges for competing in a global market in the twenty first century.  The National Science Education Standards, published by the National Research Council, presents a strong case for the importance of science literacy for all Americans.  In Mobile County, we believe that to achieve the goal of an effective science education system, we must implement system-wide reform that fosters inquiry-centered science, which is an approach that teaches children how to ask questions, experiment, develop theories, and communicate their ideas.  This approach is based on research and practice and consists of five elements:  a research-based, inquiry- centered curriculum; professional development; materials support; appropriate assessment strategies; and community and administrative support.  These elements all work together as a unified whole, yet each element is significant in itself and must be understood on its own terms.  The creation of an inquiry-centered system has required significant changes in the way teachers teach and the way students learn.