Mobile County Public
School System
Twelfth Grade Language Arts Standards

Twelfth graders are at pivotal points in their lives. They are nearing the independence of adulthood and making many important decisions concerning their lives after high school. Academically, these students are deepening their appreciation of literature, becoming selective viewers of nonprint media, and are realizing the valuable role good written and oral communication skills play in their lives. While most students at this level have mastered a majority of English language arts concepts, they continue to require guidance in further developing their skills.

Students at this grade level are expected to conduct research and present findings in a scholarly fashion. Their overall grasp of the tenets of grammar and the writing process approaches the level necessary for adulthood, and students are developmentally ready to explore British literature. Students are responsible for collaborative and independent work in all facets of their language arts studies. The twelfth-grade content standards are the culminating point of a curriculum designed to prepare students to function as self-directed, lifelong learners and effective communicators in their future roles in society.

Quote from introduction to 2009 Alabama Course of Study for Language Arts.