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Fourth Grade Language Arts
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Fourth-grade students continue to transition to a greater degree of abstract thinking. While student learning is more directed by the teacher through the use of various instructional methods, students are also encouraged to progress toward more independent learning.

In order for students to master the standards, teachers incorporate a variety of strategies to ensure
expansion of needed skills in the areas of reading, literature, writing and language, research and inquiry, and oral and visual communication. Fourth-grade students build on previous knowledge to further develop abilities to use word recognition, comprehension, and writing skills. Reading vocabulary is increased as students benefit from oral reading and self-selected reading materials. Students use reading strategies and skills to increase comprehension of literary, functional, and informational materials. Students increase their understanding of literature as they are introduced to new genres and delve more deeply into the element of story. They compose descriptive text using newly developed skills in mechanics and grammar. Students improve research and note-taking skills by organizing information obtained from reference materials.

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