Mobile County Public
School System
Tenth Grade Language Arts

Tenth graders continue to develop their unique personalities as they establish personal values and identities. They assume more complex responsibilities such as working and are developing and practicing leadership and interpersonal communication skills in the school and community.

Classrooms that are rich in a variety of activities encourage the intellectual growth these students need and seek. Activities that include making dramatic presentations, writing creatively, and working cooperatively encourage vocabulary development, critical thinking, use of research skills, and appropriate use of language. In addition, students write essays with increased attention to mode, purpose, and audience. Similarly, they become more adept at responsibly reporting the ideas of others in both oral and written form.

Literature at this level focuses on pre-twentieth century American literature. This parallels their study of early American history, thus enabling students to gain a better understanding of the relationships between the literature read and the history of the United States and the world before the twentieth century.

Quote from introduction to 2009 Alabama Course of Study for Language Arts.