Mobile County Public
School System
Ninth Grade Language Arts
Ninth graders are gaining greater social independence while continuing to need guidance in developing their personal and academic potential as they achieve higher levels of ability in reading, speaking, and writing. These students are moving from purely personal reactions to literature to critical responses. This period marks an increase in student control of all aspects of language.

The ideal classroom environment for ninth graders is one that shows sensitivity toward their social and academic needs. Instructional delivery may include collaborative learning, teacher-led instruction, and independent study. A variety of learning activities are employed to address different learning styles and to actively engage all students in learning.

By increasing the level of expectations in language use, ninth graders strengthen their foundation in all English language arts strands. They become more strategic in their approach to reading increasingly complex selections. While the focus in reading is on world literature, students learn to synthesize information from texts as they extend skills to content-area texts. Similarly, students expand their control of the writing process. In addition, students manage the research process to support a thesis on a topic of personal interest and increase their media literacy by becoming more strategic consumers of oral and visual information.

Quote from introduction to 2009 Alabama Course of Study for Language Arts.